Gearing Up For The Winter Season.

Ah, it's that magical time of year again. The leaves are falling off the trees, the snow is coming down outside, and we're all huddled around a tube amp for warmth here in the recording studio ever since we've been snowed in...

Yeah, right.

This is SoCal! We're taking a little time off from our usual performance schedule for the winter and focusing on our individual bands, but trust us, there're still plenty of shows to be played. We've got performances lined up at Knott's Berry Farm, The Orange Show, and of course the Disney California Adventure showcase.

Oh, and remember when we said we were locked away in the recording studio last winter? Well we weren't joking then. The girls of Alive In The Lights have been hard at work mastering their tracks on their new EP, Contradictions which is now available pretty much everywhere. It sounds fantastic too! Great job, girls. We've also set aside some recording time this winter for some of our other bands to produce their EP's as well. 

In this nebula of talent that is the San Bernardino Teen Music Workshop, we've also had a few new bands form. Their genres span from acoustic to alt-rock, so they're a little different in that sense, but they all share ground in the talent category! We can't wait to put them on stage and share them with all of you. Right now, though, they're busy writing and practicing, so we'll wait a little while for them to get ready.

So that's the Winter summary. Come see our shows listed on the calendar and check back soon for more Spring/Summer tour dates.

P.S: We're also updating our website, so check back in soon for information about our staff.