Getting Ready For the Spring/Summer Season

Although there is no ice to melt in sunny So-Cal, we're excited that the weather is starting to warm up. Warm summer nights are perfect for ball games and music festivals, and luckily we'll be participating in a couple of those this season. If you haven't already seen our full schedule, available at the Looking Glass Studio, you can check out a list of the spring and summer performances here. Just click on "Tour Dates" to see a list of the public performances. As mentioned before, California doesn't have to hunker down inside for the couple of light rainstorms it gets during winter, so we've been working hard on some fantastic new EP's that should be popping up on iTunes sometime soon. Don't worry about missing the launch. We'll keep reminding you right here. Until then, we'll keep practicing and writing, and you make some room in your schedule to see some of our performances. Sound like a good deal? Great! See you soon.