Mid-Summer 2017

A little mid-summer update for the lovely boys and girls of the IE! Disney shows are postponed until winter of this year, but we've still been busy this summer with bands playing venues like Knott's Berry Farm, The San Diego Fair, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Whisky A Gogo, The House of Blues, and many other local shows.


We've also taken the liberty of updating our recording studio with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest fidelity recordings for our writers and musicians. Expect to hear more amazing songs and albums coming out of our doors in the coming months and years! Our live sound setup has also improved! With a full digital board and powered speakers, subwoofers and monitors, we can now rock at even some of the largest venues that don't have their own sound systems. 


One of our former students and instructors, Joseph Bergee, is away at Oxford over the summer after completing his bachelors degree at California State University, San Bernardino. Congratulations Joe! It's exciting to see someone who's not only an excellent musician, but also an excellent scholar as well.


A lot. That's whats next. *wink*

We've got bands continuing to play bigger and bigger venues, writing and recording more and more songs, and build larger and larger fanbases. We wouldn't be surprised if you saw some of them at Warped Tour in the next couple of years. 

But that's pretty far in the future. We're still doing our thing, teaching the basic and advanced skills of guitar, drums, piano, and singing and bringing up the next generation of rockers. We never know who's going to walk through our front doors next and knock our socks off.